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Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ SRAM Red eTap 11 Speed - Vision Team 35 Wheelset- Black 2022

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The Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ SRAM Red eTap 11 Speed is a revolutionary step ahead - an aerodynamic racing weapon with 10W of extra power! Our patented fully concealed calipers are fully integrated into the frame giving you never-before-seen convenience and comfort. The customised grips are fitted with electronic shifter technology, ditching the need for messy bar tapes. The flip-able basebar provides a range of positions that can take the adrenaline up or down, depending on the situation. Plus, the bayonet fork gives you remarkable agility and responsiveness. And the integrated survival kit on the frame ensures weight is distributed in the right places and you don't even feel it when out-of-the-saddle. Get ready to unleash the power of E-119 Tri+ Disc. It's bold, unrelenting, and unapologetically fast!

Introducing the next level of tri performance: the E-119 Tri+ Disc. Experience a whopping 10W advantage over the previous generation with frame optimization, system integration, and enhanced aerodynamics. Not to mention being the first tri bike to feature Concealed Disc Calipers, with integrated shifters and electronic control, allowing you to conquer the terrain. And no more wrapping bar tape! Conquer whatever terrain comes your way with a flip-able basebar for either aggressive or more relaxed positions, as well as the added stiffness of a bayonet fork. Plus, maneuverability and speed is no issue with the convenient Survival Kit located low on the frame - you won't even notice it when pushing your limits. Get ready to unleash your boldest performance with the E-119 Tri+ Disc!

The E-119 Tri+ Disc powered up to 10W beyond its predecessor for serious speed, stability, and control. Optimize your performance with fully concealed disc calipers incorporated into the frame - and custom grips sporting electronic shifter integration for a sleek look with no need for bar tape. This race-ready ride comes with a flip-able basebar giving you the power to switch between aggressive and relaxed positions, plus a bayonet fork to elevate your immediate response and confidence. Top it all off with a survival kit set low to reduce frame weight for easy access when you’re out of the saddle - and you’ve got a beast of a bike made for dominating the road. Take charge of the competition with the bold E-119 Tri+ Disc.

The revolutionary E-119 Tri + Disc provides up to 10W of power beyond its predecessor, capitalizing on frame optimization, system integration, and compatibility with advanced aero components. Breaking boundaries, it's the industry's first tri bike to feature fully-concealed disc calipers, cleverly built into the frame! Ergonomically designed with custom grips that integrate seamlessly with electronic shifters, and a versatile flip-able basebar to switch between aggressive and more relaxed positions, the E-119 Tri + Disc elevates performance, agility and speed to the next level. Plus, its carefully-crafted survival kit, located low in the frame, ensures functionality and weight positioning is never compromised. Get ready to go FASTER!

Revolutionize your triathlon experience with the new E-119 Tri+ Disc – a comprehensive performance package unlike any other! With frame optimization and system integration, this powerful machine offers up to 10W of advantage over its predecessor. Enjoy the thrill of disc brakes tucked away in a sleek and aerodynamic frame, while custom grips let you shift gears without an extra layer of bar tape. The included flip-up basebar delivers aggressive or relaxed positioning at the flick of a switch, and the bayonet fork ensures extra stiffness and responsive control. To top it off, the E-119 Tri+ Disc features an aerodynamic survival kit positioned low on the frame for maximum accessibility, usability, and weight distribution – so you can climb, descend, and power your way to victory in comfort. Experience the ride of your life with the E-119 Tri+ Disc!